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                                                       Two pillars


To facilitate the flow of challenges, ideas and practice

between the various UN institutions and civil society actors around the world


Human rights advocacy at the United Nations. 

Moving the lines within the UN.


We are partnering and reaching out to the governments within the United Nations.   


Collaborate, consult, connect, dialogue. 

Connecting the civil society actors.

We are connecting all the actors from the civil society through networking events, innovative informatic solutions, teachings etc.


Accreditated with the UN special ECOSOC status, we are present and active at the United Nations in Geneva through these different elements:

Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

Res. 60/251: The Human Rights Council “should undertake a universal periodic review […] of the fulfilment by each State of its human rights obligations and commitments”.

Based on objective and reliable information, universality of coverage and equal treatment.

Treaty Bodies ​

Committees of independent experts created in accordance with the provisions of a human rights treaty.

Monitor the effective implementation of a human rights treaty.

Special Procedures​

The Human Rights Council’s monitoring mechanism.

Monitor, advise and publicly report on human rights situations in a specific country or on thematic issues.



Catalyse change in the current political and legal system could be transferred to civil society actors in the country.
UN human rights mechanisms: A step forward to bring all multilateral actors together

Political commitments are made to prevent, mitigate and remediate the impact of social, cultural and environmental injustice and every country is responsible to develop a strategy.

Improving participation and networking of the broad civil society network strengthening local, national, regional, and international organizations​

All public, people of every range including multiples faces: citizens, media, organisations, academia...engage with children, culture and environment issues.

  Key Issues Adressed

In the field of improvement of every sphere of human endeavour


Together we can shape the public discourse and policy-making

by giving credible and reliable Human rights information and practical policy recommendations.


© 2018 Partnership Network International

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