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VOI TAMIA received

the Equator Prize 2020. 



The Equator Prize honors local and indigenous groups who are leading the way towards sustainable development. The 10 Equator Prize-winning communities 2020 are recognized for their work on the front lines of environmental conservation, poverty reduction and climate action.

A PNI's partner from Madagascar, Antsirabe's VOI TAMIA, member of Tafo Mihaavo / Madagascar, was chosen by UNDP through the Equator Initiative among the 10 winners of the 2020 Equator Prize.

The award ceremony took place in New York at the United Nations Headquarters during a video-conference event during New York Climate Week, in parallel with the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Summit on nature.

The VOI TAMIA village community - Vakinankaratra Region / Madagascar has been recognized for its work at the forefront of environmental conservation, poverty reduction and climate action.

We had the joy of visiting and sharing with this village community Fokonolona and of having been welcomed by Henri its President during our visit in September 2018. Leader of Tafo Mihaavo (534 associations from 22 regions of Madagascar representing 1,250,000 people from local Malagasys communities), Henri was one of the representatives of the 14 emblematic regions chosen during our BUILDING CAPACITY TRAINING  given in September 2017 as well as during of the WORKSHOP/DRAFTING OF THE NATIONAL PETITION written on behalf of 2,500,000 people, members of Fokonolona village communities in Madagascar, addressed to the Ministry of the Environment.

The VOI TAMIA community was also part of the VERY LARGE MALAGASY COALITION brought together and created on the occasion of the Madagascar UNIVERSAL PERIODIC REVIEW /UPR comprising 7 Networks, 4 international NGOs (3 national sections) and 2 Malagasy Platforms as well as 20 Malagasy associations and NGOs and media organizations as well as the Tafo Mihaavo.

Henri was also part of the NATIONAL CONSULTATION, TRAINING AND WRITING WORKSHOP  of the Madagascar UPR REPORT 2019 (March 2019) as well as THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE that PNI co-organized and delivered in Antananarivo with the support of the UNDP, German Cooperation and the Malagasy Government, in particular bringing together key stakeholders: Representatives of Embassies and Consulates, of the Government, Civil society groups, Agencies United Nations and Media (October 2019).

Also, PNI Geneva organized a one year INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN and FOLLOW UP, COACHING of YOUTHS in Advocacy  and had an opportunity to give an ORAL STATMENT AT THE UN during the UPR of Madagascar process in Geneva UN Palace. 


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