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Founded in 2014, Partnership Network International (PNI), is an NGO Representative Office based in Geneva. PNI was granted with Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on April 2017. 


PNI supports its partners in international and national Advocacy/Lobbying, Academic, Humanitarian and Development projects.


PNI works to:


-   Build capacity among youths, key stakeholders and policy makers about critical contemporary global issues and the lofty ideals of the UN Charter and the 2030 Agenda;


-   Equip them to contribute to positive transformation in the public sphere and at the international level;


-   Help them to foster sustainable development programs in their own communities;


-   Quicken peace and security, stability and sustainable development across Africa, Asia and the Middle East while seeking the well-being of all and more particularly those left furthest behind.



Isabelle Bourgeois, associate founder, has been elected President in September 2016. 

Swiss federal registration n° IDE: CHE - 241.052.389

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PNI was granted with


Special Status

on April 2017

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President's Welcome

Message from

Isabelle Bourgeois, Founder & President

of PNI for Human rights, Sustainable Development & Environment



Welcome to the Partnership Network International's website dedicated to what we care about most: empowering the new generation leaders and protect vulnerable groups with values of human dignity and equality upon which the United Nations were founded.


PNI aims to reinforce the work done by its partners and to represent them.  


Our mandate is to equip and to support partners to allow populations’ full development in all walks of life, and to raise an independent voice that can advocate for the civil society actors. Our local partners, are present in the Middle East, North and West Africa regions, India and Madagascar. They serve their respective population with the humanitarian, economic and social development and promotion of human rights.   They are executing community mobilization with sustainable development and training programme and are working for the promotion of the noble principles of the UN Human rights and fundamental freedoms for all.

Our core focus is helping our local partners working closely with their government on the one hand and the most disadvantaged persons in the country  based on the 2030 agenda of the Sustainable Goals and on the other hand advocating for real change in their life conditions.

Based in the international city of Geneva that hosts a rich ecosystem of UN agencies and partners which play essential roles in the long term structural prevention through the implementation of SDGs, this work is being done thanks to active presence in the different UN mechanisms, advocacy and liaising our partners with one another, sponsorship projects, and capacity building.  

Promoting a multi-stakholders approach,  Partnerships Network International (PNI) provides all sorts of benefits, such as new forms of collaboration, new resources and bringing public and private purposes together and is as such a catalyst for positive change.

We are grateful to our partners around the globe for their encouragement and commitment. Their continued support enables us to continue our mission.

If you are interested in partnering with us, we welcome new friends. 


Isabelle Bourgeois

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